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Thread: Allow HTML in Posts Questions & Comments

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nirjonadda View Post
    Allow HTML Checkbox its not working on Quick Reply .... How I can Enable Allow HTML Checkbox on Quick Reply ? Have an update about this on new version release ?
    Quote Originally Posted by BirdOPrey5 View Post
    There is no option for allow HTML on quick reply and it is not something I was intending to add. To use HTML you need to go to the advanced editor.
    it would be nice if a quick reply was the same checkbox

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    we bought this modification today for vb 3.8. My question is, that if we give admins the possibilty to post html in a posting, only admins can see the hmtl output. Letīs say, an admin put a slideshow with a iframe in a post, only admins can see that slideshow.

    I think that is a little useless, when guest or registered user canīt see the html output.

    Any idea what causes this?

    Thanks for support.


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