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Thread: More Share Options: The Next Generation - FREE - By BOP5

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      More Share Options: The Next Generation - FREE - By BOP5

      Version: 3.2, by (Administrator) BirdOPrey5 is offline
      Developer Last Online: Jun 2019 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      Category: VB 4.x.x
      vB Version: 4.x.x Rating:  (1 votes - 5.00 average) Installs: 13
      Released: 06-13-2012 Last Update: 07-08-2012 Downloads: 120
      Supported Uses Plugins Auto-Templates External Content

      The original "More Share Options" mod has been my most popular vBulletin modification to date.

      The purpose of the mod is to add additional share "buttons" (Besides Facebook Like) to vBulletin.

      There were two major versions of "More Share Options" with its latest version being 2.61 and has been mostly unchanged for a long time.

      More Share Options TNG is a complete rewrite of More Share Options and raises the bar on sharing content on social media sites again.

      Demo: Every page of has the "Gold" version enabled. I have disabled it on PMs, the User CP, and Settings though since nothing to share on those pages.

      There is both a GOLD ($20) and FREE Version of this mod. This is obviously the FREE version.

      The FREE Version allows sharing to the following sites:

      • Facebook (Like OR Recommend with Send Button Option, and with old style "Share" option, Dark Option, Show Faces Option)
      • Twitter (Specify "Via" Username, Related Account, default hash tags, and language- With or without counts)
      • Google +1 (With or without count, option to use built in Facebook language or specify custom language)
      • Add This (Option to input publisher ID for analytics tracking, enable/disable printing, disable duplicate sites option)

      The FREE Version also has the following Style Vars for basic styling:
      • Height of Share Bar (in Pixels)
      • Padding
      • Margins

      The GOLD Version has all of the above PLUS the following additional share options:
      • Pinterest (With or without count, option to specify pinned image, better Pin It sharing button in Beta available for testing)
      • Digg (With count or icon only)
      • Linked In (With or without count)
      • StumbleUpon (Several options with/without counts)
      • Reddit (Several options with/without "points")
      • Custom Buttons (Add as many additional custom buttons as you want!)

      The GOLD Version also has additional Style Vars for complete control of Share Bar Styling:
      • Background
      • Border

      (Both FREE and GOLD can be completely customized by CSS as well if you prefer not to use Style Vars.)

      Some of the major differences between More Share Options TNG and the Original Version:
      • Share Buttons now show on ALL pages, including pages by 3rd party applications like Arcades and Media Galleries.
      • Twitter Count Now WORKS
      • Table-less design (All formatting done via CSS/Style Vars)
      • Additional built-in Facebook and Twitter options
      • New options to disable by Usergroup and/or THIS_SCRIPT value (as well as by Forum and by Style)

      As with the prior version, fast loading Asynchronous JavaScript is used everywhere possible. Only StumbleUpon does not have an Asynchronous loading option and as such it is disabled by default in the mod.


      If you are "upgrading" from an old version (any version less than 3.0) be aware this version (TNG) has been coded as a completely new and separate mod. It will NOT upgrade an old version.

      I suggest if you run an old version of "More Share Options" you disable it via Product Manager in Admin CP.

      Install and configure this new mod and make sure it works and you like it.

      If you do like it then you can uninstall the old mod from Product Manager.

      IMPORTANT - Some users have reported the new mod will not run until the old mod is uninstalled. If you have installed 3.0 and it is not running, please try uninstalling the old mod first.

      VBSEO Compatibility:
      UPDATE: It has been reported working with VBSEO!

      Basically I have no idea how compatible this may be with VBSEO as I don't have access to a VBSEO enabled forum. If you use VBSEO be sure it works as designed (you can share pages.)

      Test share 3 pages: The Forum Home, a Thread (showthread), and a Forum (forumdisplay) - if all 3 shares work I am confident the mod will work completely for you. I suggest you use Twitter or Facebook for your testing.

      If you do run into VBSEO issues please post here and I will do my best to fix.

      General Compatibility:

      This has been tested as far back a VB 4.0.8 and as recent as VB 4.2.0. It is expected to work on all VB 4.x.x versions however if you have a very old version of VB please try the FREE version before purchasing the Gold to ensure compatibility. This is not compatible with VB 3.x.

      VB 4.1.9 and below - Optional manual file edit for better facebook sharing on custom pages.

      Admin CP Screen Shot (Free Version)
      Screenshot - Click to Enlarge

      Donations Always Appreciated.

      Download Now


      msotng_forumhome_free.jpg   msotng_stylevars_free.jpg   msotng_thread_free.jpg  

      Show Your Support

      • If you like this modification support the author by donating.
      • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.

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    Updated to Version 3.1.

    I have added a requested option to be able to "center" the share buttons instead of just left or right alignment.

    I have also added additional code that will allow the Facebook Like buttons to show up regardless of whether or not you have the Facebook platform enabled. However it is still better you do have the Facebook platform enabled and an app id entered into Facebook options so vBulletin can better communicate with Facebook when sharing a page.

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    Updated to version 3.1.1. No real new feature but I updated the option in Admin CP when selecting styles to disable to a checkbox list instead of having to manually enter styleids.

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    Updated to version 3.2.

    If upgrading from below 3.2 you will have to redo the Usergroup permissions in the mod settings. I have changed it from disabling it for selected groups to enabling it for selected groups. (By default it is active for all standard usergroups except banned users (groups 1 - 7)).

    Added a new plugin that will give better results when sharing custom pages via Facebook. This plugin requires a hook that was introduced in VB 4.1.10. If you are running an older version there us a new text file in the mod zip that tells you how to make 1 easy file edit if you want.

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    Posted this over at

    Originally Posted by BirdOPrey5
    Please don't feel you have to buy the gold to fix the issue... First I've never seen dig count not work so I can promise you going gold will not help that.

    The twitter upgrade to an iframe you could conceivably do yourself by editing the more_share_options template and removing the old twitter code and replacing it with the iframe code.

    My twitter count doesn't seem to be working. Because i just tweeted and it remained the same

    Would you be as so kind as to explain paragraph 2 quoted here?

    Thank you.

    EDIT: If it makes any difference, it works on the Forumhome. EDIT(2):But doesn't seem to anywhere else.

    That being said I dig your mods and plan on poking my head in and out of here on a regular basis.

    Keep up the great work!!

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    Update: Works on forumhome, blogs, CMS. Doesn't seem to work on anything that one would add to the navbar e.g., vbtube, media gallery, status wall.

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    I love this mod.

    Please help.

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    Sorry Bob, was severely ill for a couple weeks... I'll catch up with this on I guess.

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    No problem. Glad you're feeling better.

    Also, need a hand here when you can.

    Thanks bro! Keep up the good work!!

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