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Thread: Unvote in Polls Gold (Premium) by BOP5

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    Redx Unvote in Polls Gold (Premium) by BOP5

    Current Version: 1.1.1

    This mod allows users to "unvote" or delete their vote from a poll- this effectively lets them change their vote since they are free to re-vote if the poll is still open.

    The Gold version of this mod allows you to limit which usergroups have permission to unvote (maybe make it a premium feature?) and allows you to limit in which forums unvoting is possible.

    New in v 1.1 - The Gold version will also integrate with most points mods to deduct points if a user unvotes.

    You can also choose whether or not unvoting is possible after a poll has already closed. (By default it is not.)

    Works with all types of polls- Public/private, single choice or multi-choice.

    Live Demo: Unvote Demo Thread.

    Fully Phrased

    The same .xml file is compatible with both the VB 3.8 series and all VB 4.x versions to date as well. It will likely work on VB 3.7 and possibly earlier but it has not been tested.

    Instructions included to set a unique link color for the "Unvote" link via additional.css in VB4.


    VB 3.x
    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge

    vB 4.x
    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge

    Screenshot - Click to Enlarge

    To download this file you must purchase a "Unvote in Polls" subscription in Subscriptions.
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    Readme File v 1.1 Included in .Zip

    Official Mod Sources:
    Free/Light Version (
    Gold/Premium Version (
    Product: Unvote in Polls by BOP5 
    Compatible With: VB 3.8.x, VB 4.0.x, VB 4.1.x (It is expected to work on VB 3.7 and possibly earlier as well)
    Developer: BirdOPrey5 Profile URL:
    Version 1.1.1
    This mod lets users "unvote" in a poll. Once they unvote they are free to re-vote for something else. 
    You can set whether or not users can unvote from closed polls.
    This mod is fully phrased for easy translation. 
    *******Free vs. GOLD Version******* 
    The GOLD version of this mod has all the features of the FREE version but includes 3 additional options:
    1) Restrict which usergroups (primary or secondary) that can use the unvote feature.
    2) Restrict unvoting availability to specific forums.
    3) Can integrate with most "points" systems to deduct points if a user unvotes. 
    The GOLD version is available for purchase at:
    ********Backup / Warning********
    This mod does not alter the database but it is still good practice to backup the database before installing new mods.
    *****INSTALL / UPGRADE******
    If changing from Light/Free version to Gold/Premium version follow UPGRADE instructions. 
    To Install: 
    In Admin CP go to Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product
    Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
    Click "Import"
    If using VB 4.x the "(Unvote)" link might be the same color as the background (White on white on the default style.) If that happens to you follow the instructions below for adding CSS to the additional.css template to fix the color issue.
    To Upgrade:
    In Admin CP go to Plugins & Products -> Manage Products -> Add/Import Product
    Click on "Choose File" and browse to the product xml file that was packaged in the .zip file.
    Change "Allow Overwrite" to YES
    Click "Import"
    You MUST set your settings to enable the mod.
    This mod uses several phrases.
    GLOBAL Phrases:
    bop5_ unvote - Unvote      (used for the actual link)
    bop5_ unvote_ title - This will remove your vote(s) in this poll.    (Used for the tool-tip on mouse-over of the link)
    Front End Redirect Messages:
    bop5_ uv_ unvoted - You have successfully unvoted.   (Used to show a message after a user unvotes in a poll)
    ******CSS Color Fix for VB4********
    If the "Unvote" link is "invisible" in your style (and it probably will be) add this code to your additional.css template:
    #bop5unvote_link {color: blue;}
    Where the "color" is any valid HTML or color code. Examples:
    To edit your additional.css template in VB4 go to your Admin CP -> Style Manager -> (Choose your style) -> Edit Templates (from the drop down menu) -> Double-click on "CSS Templates" -> Double click on "additional.css" to open the template.
    Paste in the line above at the top or bottom and hit SAVE.
    Repeat for all your styles.
    In VB 3.x additional css is available under "All Style Options" in the Style Manager. You can use the same code to force a specific link color on VB 3.x.
    The free/light version of this mod has been released only on and No permission is given to redistribute the mod on any other site. You are allowed to use the mod on any licensed version of vBulletin you own.
    The premium/gold version of this mod is available only from You must purchase the rights to use this mod. Your purchase includes 1 year access to any updates, upgrades, or downloads for this mod. After 1 year you may continue to use the mod but you may not be entitled to any further upgrades. With your purchase you will be given rights to run this mod on any forum you are the primary administrator of. 
    (c) 2012 BIRDOPREY5 /

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    For those who want to customize the hover-color of the unvote link use this code in additional.css:

    #bop5unvote_link:hover {color:red;}
    That will make it red when you mouse-over the link.

    Change red to any color or code you want. (or add any other additional css to the definition.)

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    This mod has been tested and is working as intended on the VB 4.2.0 Alpha.

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    Updated to Version 1.1.1

    Fixes bug where unvote option was still visible in polls that had expired (timeout.)

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