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Thread: Word Links Gold Questions & Comments

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    Word Links Gold Questions & Comments

    This thread is for discussion or questions on the Word Links Gold mod. Or feel free to start your own thread in this forum. If you haven't purchased this mod please use the Pre-Sales forum for questions.

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    I just registered and paid for this but have no idea where to download it
    Can you point me in the right direction?

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    Hi Trevor... the attachment is in the bottom of the first post in the thread below. (The thread is also the stickiyed thread at the top of this sub-forum).

    Word Link GOLD Mod Thread

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    Thanks Joe.

    Don't know how I missed that

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    I have installed the product and enabled al the options like CMS but the key words on the portal page are not changing to links.

    If you look here Television-Magazine-Forum - Trade Only Forum Portal and scroll to the very bottom you will see the word GQ-4X, this is not showing as a link, if you click on read more it then does show as a link.

    Have I misunderstood what the Gold version should do on the portal page?

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    As it's setup now it only works in the full articles, not the article previews. Just something I hadn't thought about- let me look at it today, probably something I can easily add. Will get back to you here.

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    Many thanks, it is not massively important but would be a very nice touch.

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    So as it turns out adding this to previews was by far the trickiest section of all- mostly because of the "..." needed for previews that don't fit in the preview area. But I got it and 2.1 is available for download.

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    Oh, I feel bad now...............
    But it works great.
    Many thanks.

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    "This post contains 5 auto-link(s) for your convenience."
    where i can disables this Message

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