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Thread: Navbar Button Builder

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    Checkmark Navbar Button Builder

    This thread demos the Navbar Button Builder mod.

    All custom buttons on the navbar are the result of this mod.

    Products: This will link you to the Products subforum. Since this is a forum "Products" will never look active, but Forums will be.

    Buy / Donate: This will show you that if you link to a custom script (in this case payments.php) you can see this button will show as active once the page is loaded. (You can also make a donation for this incredible free mod- hint hint! )

    Cool Links: This is to demo that you can build drop-down menus instead of just buttons. You can specify the label and URL (both relative or absolute) and whether each link should open in the same window or open in a new browser window/tab.

    I have set all of these buttons to be visible to guests as well as members, but there is also an option to hide individual buttons from guests.

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