I am an American. I live in the United States. This site is hosted in the United States. I created this site mainly with the intent of serving other users in the United States as you will note there are no additional languages available in vBulletin nor are any of my mods tested against or certified to work with any language other than English. That said, I am aware of users from around the world have found my work useful and I am thrilled others have been able to use the modifications, BB Codes, or even just the help I have provided over the years, most of it for free.

It is also important to note I have no intent to sell any data, no plans to begin advertising on this site, and other than Google Analytics, which I rarely check, there isn't anything I can recall going on behind the scenes here besides what is required by the vBulletin software. You are free to disable cookies in your browser, most of the site should work, some features might not. I don't care- I don't intend to waste time checking.

In terms of breach notifications- no. This is a forum. Even if someone gets your password and access to your account they could only post nonsense spam- which I have to deal with. We do not have any of your financial information, PayPal does, if you ever paid for anything. If you used the same password here as your bank then you are the idiot. I'm sorry to be blunt but you are. This isn't 2005, you can't use one password no matter how clever you think it is. And if you use one password but the last letter is the first letter of the domain you are logging into then sorry to say but your system has already been cracked too.

All that said the bottom line is this- GDPR became effective May 25, 2018 - the beginning of our Memorial Day Weekend in the USA, a time we celebrate those brave Americans who died in our military, 300 thousand or so fighting Nazi Germany. It was about 73 years ago my grandfather was shot in that war, shot while liberating Europe from Hitler's forces. So it will be a cold day in hell when a German chancellor tells this American how I should be running my business. The only thing I want to hear from a German politician is "Sorry for your loss."

Now in the course of my adult life I have met many Europeans, including Germans, and I must say in general everyone so far seem to be friendly and welcoming. I have nothing against the German people or European Citizens in general however your politicians, like American politicians, leave a lot to be desired.

I hope that helps you understand why this site will not be taking any additional steps to comply with GDPR or any other EU/German laws. If your countries want to censor this site from you they are welcome. I do not believe in such censorship so I will not block EU IP addresses, but I will neither go out of my way to change how I run this site. Use or don't use, it is your choice and your risk.