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Thread: Really Fast Registration by BOP5

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      Really Fast Registration by BOP5

      Version: 2.2.0, by (Administrator) BirdOPrey5 is offline
      Developer Last Online: Jan 2019 Show Printable Version Email this Page
      Category: VB3 & VB4
      vB Version: 3.x & 4.x Rating:  (1 votes - 5.00 average) Installs: 5
      Released: 08-16-2013 Last Update: 12-18-2013 Downloads: 54
      Not Supported Uses Plugins Auto-Templates Additional Files

      Live Demo:

      The purpose of this mod is to get users registered as quickly as possible. Users just enter a username, a valid email address, check a box agreeing to the rules (optional), and hit register, and they are sent an email with a randomly generated password.

      The fact they get the password by email confirms entered a valid email address (if they ever log in, you know it is legit.)

      Full Feature List
      • Displays on top of Forum Home (forum.php)
      • Ability to customize script name to reduce chances of Spam
      • Uses built in VB javascript to verify valid username in real time
      • Uses 3rd party javascript to detect user's timezone and set it during registration
      • Fully Phrased for easy customization or translation
      • Full use of Stylevars to control colors/layout options
      • Agree to Forum Rules checked by default option
      • Show randomly generated password after registration option (this could lead to users with invalid emails however, not recommended)
      • Random passwords generated vary in length
      • Choose default usergroup for new registrations
      • Register button not active until valid looking username/email entered into form
      • Apply specific referrer to all users who register via this mod (good for tracking purposes)
      • Compatible with my Rename Regiter.php Mod
      • In unlikely event of error on registration user returned to regular registration script.
      • Option to hide rules completely
      • Option to show RFR Form to Admins at all times
      • Option to put RFR Form on any/all templates manually (RFR Anywhere)
      • Option to show JavaScript confirmation that explains why a valid email is needed and gives user option to update their email address.
      • Compatible with VB 3.8.x
      • Support for Human Verification
      • Added option allowing user to hide the form for a set number of days
      • NEW - Added option to enable the register_addmember_complete hook to increase compatibility with other registration mods
      • NEW - (In Beta) - Added option to use RFR form in "IFRAME" mode for non-VB pages.

      I've used this mod for a month or so on my site, I have not had any spammers use it, probably too new for them to take notice.

      The mod uses its own email phrases for new registrations so be sure to customize it if you want to.

      Some important phrases...

      Email Body Text Phrases
      bop5rfr_newuser - Email sent to email addresses set to be notified of new users
      bop5rfr_welcome - Email sent to new users (contains their password and other info)

      Error Message Phrases
      bop5rfr_reg_complete - Message shown upon completed Registration
      bop5rfr_error_missing_values - Message shown if missing values (only possible if javascript disabled)

      Front-End Redirect Messages
      bop5rfr_problemredirect - Message shown if error and being redirected to full registration form (unlikely to happen)

      GLOBAL Phrases
      bop5_rfr_agree_to_rules - Agree to rules text
      bop5_rfr_really_fast_reg_join_now - Text in title
      bop5rfr_timezone_detect - [Timezone Detetion]
      bop5rfr_confirm1 & bop5rfr_confirm2 - JavaScript Confirmation before submitting form

      Download Now


      really-fast-reg-javascript-confirm.jpg   rfr-qapla.jpg   really-fast-reg-settigs.jpg   really-fast-reg-ss1.jpg   really-fast-reg-ss2.jpg  

      really-fast-reg-vb3-2.jpg   really-fast-reg-vb3.jpg   rfr-juot.jpg  

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      • This modification may not be copied, reproduced or published elsewhere without author's permission.
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    Updated to version 1.3.0

    Added option to hide rules completely
    Added option to always show RFR form to Admins
    Added option RFR Anywhere - Manually add RFR form to any template

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    Updated to 1.4.0 - Added JavaScript confirmation for email address after pressing "Register" button.

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    Updated to 1.5.0 - Added vBulletin 3.x compatibility and some minor code fixes.

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    OK... Updated to version 2.2.0.

    New to this version-

    Added the register_addmember_complete hook to the file as an option. If you enable this hook in settings it may help let you run some other mods that run after default registration such as "Welcome thread" mods.

    Also - I'm considering this feature being "in beta" but you can new enable "Frame Mode" which allows access to the form via an IFRAME- this allows you to integrate the form into a 3rd party page like a Wordpress site or custom landing page.

    To use "Frame Mode" enable it in the mode options, then make the IFRAME URL-

    Of course if you customized the value of bop5_rfr.php then you need to use the custom value instead of the default file name.

    Some of the differences in "Frame Mode" besides displaying the form itself alone is that any errors generated do not bring up the full vBulletin error page because it would be too big to show in a frame and you don't want the forum header, navbar, and footer, etc... So an error, such as a human verify error, simply displays a message to please try again. Also, assuming the registration is completed successfully the success message is also displayed alone without a vBulletin header and footer so it fits better in a frame.

    Caution- I have not done much testing with this feature since I have no real need for it- it seems to work though in my VB4 testing. Honestly VB3 testing was even less than VB4- if you need to use this feature please test it yourself to make sure it works once or twice with your chosen settings before relying on it for registrations.

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    Joe this mod is awesome. You've turned a somewhat awkward process into a simple one.

    One thought...maybe a premium mod feature. I had my forum set with a mandatory userfield for members to enter their locations. I have since removed that as a mandatory field mostly because of this mod. But, I'm wondering if the timezone detection could be set as the location userfield? Or maybe there is even a better way to auto detect location and have that be set to their location?

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    is it possible to get the fields:

    Confirm Password:

    For this mod?

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    For some reason, on my newly upgraded (from 3.8 to 4.2.2) the human verification element is showing all the time below the RFR box. Any idea how to fix this? It works fine on my test site and I think I have all the settings the same.

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    Thanks for the css fix, Joe!

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