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  3. Are you ever too old for Legos?

    I say, no.

    IMG_1049.jpg IMG_1061.jpg IMG_0985.jpg

    Oh, that last one isn't really Lego- it's "Nanoblock" which is similar to Lego except much much smaller. The 1x1 nano-block needs a tweezer to be put in place and is closer in size to a crumb than a Lego brick. I try to think of something so small in everyday life and I really can't think of anything of a similar size. Maybe 1/8th a rice krispy?
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  4. My Test Blog 3

  5. An introduction to IP Addresses and Domain Levels

    I was recently asked by a friend to prepare a little introduction information to explain IP Addresses and Domain Levels to someone who had only very little experience with what these things are.

    I put the following together and I post it here for comment, correction, or just for my own purposes if I need to find it in the future.

    There are 2 types of IP Addresses. IPv4 is what has been around for decades. It is what most people think of when they see or talk about an IP ...
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